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Dual Vocational Training

A Welcome from our first batch of DVT Students and our DVT Trainers!


In order to meet the rising demand for highly-skilled workers in Malaysia, a new program has been launched in 2014: The Dual Vocational Training. Characterized by alternating phases of theoretical and practical phases, it is a joint endeavor of the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC), the Department of Skills Development of the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), the German-Malaysian Institute (GMI), Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) and participating companies.

A new approach with roots in Germany

The Dual Vocational Training looks back upon a long success story in Germany where it constitutes one of the cornerstones of the country’s education system. Inspired by this worldwide recognized and proven model, the Dual Vocational Training in Malaysia is based on German training standards, but has been tailored to the requirements and characteristics within the country of Malaysia.

“Think different, act different, be different”

Up to now, there are three different training programs offered in Malaysia: Industrial Management, Logistics Operation Management and, most recently, Mechatronics Engineering. In accordance with the company’s motto “Think different, act different, be different”, our company was one of the pioneers to launch the DVT in Mechatronics Engineering. Starting from September 2016, we are currently training the first two intakes of DVT students – and you can become part of the next batch!

Beyond the classroom: Gain theoretical or practical experience?

Why decide, if you can have it all at once!

The DVT develops highly qualified professionals. It offers both, the possibility to acquire practical competences and hands-on experience as well as a comprehensive theoretical background throughout the 3.5 years program – It is the perfect basis for starting your career!