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Experiences of our DVT Students

"For me, the DVT program is fantastic, amazing and great"


Please describe how your experience of the DVT program has been so far:

“…The experiences I gained throughout this program so far are very fantastic. This program is very special because it is the only program where you can learn the theory and do the practical training at the company. In this way, I can apply all the knowledge that I have gained at GMI and I can understand all the theory better. At the same time, I can enhance my skill set and serve the company.

We have also been encouraged to share any good ideas so as to make improvements or modifications. At Muehlbauer, I got to know a lot of people that have always been very helpful and I’ve learned a lot from them as they have a good knowledge and skills from their previous experiences. I also supported the wiring of the controller plates for the DS20K machine even though I am just a 1st year apprentice. And I think that this is a very special experience that students out there can’t get at such an early stage of their studies.”

Why did you decide to participate in the DVT program?

“I decided to join this program because of many factors. Firstly, there will be a secure job opportunity waiting for us, as we may work with Muehlbauer after we complete the study. Furthermore, Muehlbauer is one of the fastest growing companies in Malaysia. For sure, this is a good platform for me to enhance my skill set. Lastly, this is a good program. It is called dual because we can apply the theoretical knowledge gained at GMI when doing the practical training for 4 months at the company. This structure is great because we get a better understanding of the lessons.”

Please tell us about your daily life in the company and at GMI:

“We learn the theory for 2 months at GMI and do the practical training for 4 months at Muehlbauer. At GMI, we have dedicated and great lecturers. They always try their best to teach us and they’re very helpful. They will make sure that we understand what they have taught us. Same thing at Muehlbauer, where we have well experienced and supportive coaches. They share all their experiences with us. I am also able to do practical things such as wiring, assembling mechanical or electrical components and many more. Muehlbauer has provided us with a lot of training kits such as in the area of pneumatics and hydraulics. Every day we will do different tasks so that we gain new knowledge on a daily basis. In conclusion, we have two lives: one as a student and one as an apprentice.”

Would you recommend the DVT program to your friends and family?

“Yes, because this is good program which is new in Malaysia and we should develop it. This is a good platform for Malaysia as developing country to grow more new young talent. This is also a good opportunity for people out there to improve their skills and at the same time gain knowledge. This program is fully subsidized by the company and the apprentices don’t need to pay for their study. We’re also exposed to technology that has been used by the company and we will become expert worker for the company after we complete this program successfully.”


“Because of the DVT program I become more knowledgeable and I gain   a lot of experiences as the training is also focusing on the practical side”


Please describe how your experience of the DVT program has been so far:

“As we have practical lessons and also theoretical ones, I can gain knowledge at the company and at GMI. At the company, our trainers always teach us if we didn’t understand something and we can learn a lot about the company culture.”

Why did you decide to participate in the DVT program?

This program is the only one of its kind in Malaysia. Nowadays it’s very important to have skills and working experience besides theoretical knowledge.”

What do you think is the best part about the program?

“The best thing for me is that I can learn practical things, gain work experience, and get to know the daily life and the culture within the company. I hope this program will be continued and our country can have more k-workers in the long run.”