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Further Training

Lifelong learning and continuous further training are the basis of innovations and success!

In our industry sector, employees are one of our most important competencies to which we owe our position as worldwide technology leader. We can only maintain and improve our market position by continuously developing innovations. Our employees always have to be up-to-date to ensure permanent optimization of our machines and facilities. The saying

"Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back!"

describes particularly well the situation in our fields of competition in which technologies are very short-lived. To prevent dropping back, we founded our own academy for further training, the Mühlbauer Academy, to guarantee a promotion of professional and personal competencies during the entire career.

At the Mühlbauer Academy, external trainers as well as internal experts teach our employees in different categories like for example our PC courses and language courses. The English and Spanish courses already became very popular. Of course we also offer all aspects of Mühlbauer know-how, from system control to in-house software trainings.

In case the trainings we offer do not cover all requirements, we are also willing to support committed employees in selecting and organizing further trainings for master craftsmen, technical specialists, technicians or part time degrees.

Annually conducted personal development reviews are also part of our corporate culture which is characterized by continuous further development. These meetings do not only help evaluating the previous year's achievements and goals and defining new goals during the discussion, they are also used to determine concrete plans for individual development and further training which will be part of the next year's evaluation. This provides the opportunity for both parties to clarify each ones wishes and expectations regarding performance and development as our employees' success also is our success!