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Declaration on data protection

Declaration on data protection related to the E-Recruiting System of the Mühlbauer Group

The Mühlbauer Group appreciates your interest in working with company and your visit of our websites. This E-Recruiting website and the E-Recruiting System are operated by the

Mühlbauer Group
Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1
D-93426 Roding

responsible organization.

By accepting our declaration on data protection related to the E-Recruiting System, you allow that the Mühlbauer Group and all its worldwide subsidiaries save and process your data for application, vacancy filling and employment purposes. The different purposes (application, profile release and employment) are explained hereinafter.

For internal employees, our company data protection regulations apply additionally.


Data protection and security

The personal data you enter on the website are collected, processed and used by the Mühlbauer Group for the application and vacancy filling process only. The Mühlbauer Group saves and processes your data according to the applicable German data protection regulations. In the Mühlbauer Group, the person responsible in the human resources department and the head of the department concerned cooperate when filling vacancies. The head of the department and the employees of our human resources department can belong to different companies within the Mühlbauer Group. Therefore a worldwide exchange of your data within the Mühlbauer Group is possible. We have taken safety precautions to protect the data we administrate against manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorized access or publication. Our safety measures are continuously improved according to technological developments. The data transfer between your local browser and our E-Recruiting System is encrypted via https.

The Mühlbauer Group will respond to all appropriate requests regarding information in and/or correction, complementation or deletion of personal data. If you have further questions regarding this data protection regulation (e.g. regarding information about and updating your saved personal data), send us your questions.


1. Application for a specific job

By applying for a concrete job, you make your personal data available for our company. You can exclusively apply for a defined job. To apply this restriction, mark your application accordingly before sending it. For this, do not tick the field "Ich möchte für weitere vakante Stellen berücksichtigt werden". Now you profile will not be released for other vacancies: Your data are only communicated to and processed by employees responsible for filling the vacancy. You have to ensure that the data are true and correct. You can withdraw your application anytime when you are no longer interested in the job. Once the application process finished or the application withdrawn, your data are deleted according to the legal provisions applicable. If you do not adapt your profile for 6 months, the Mühlbauer Group can ask you via email to update your data. If you do not respond within the period mentioned, your profile and all data it contains will be deleted.


2. Releasing an applicant's profile

By releasing your profile in our E-Recruiting System, you make it available for the Mühlbauer human resources departments. By releasing your profile, you accept that the employees of the human resources department of the Mühlbauer Group contact you during the vacancy filling process. All companies belonging to the Mühlbauer Group can use your data for searching appropriate applicants.

Apart from yourself, authorized employees in our worldwide HR departments have access to your data. In case there is an appropriate job offered within the Mühlbauer Group, these employees can contact you and transmit your data to the corresponding head of department. If you do not want this anymore, you can withdraw your profile anytime so that you can no longer be found in our applicant pool. We would like to inform you about interesting jobs in the Mühlbauer Group. Therefore we ask you to update your profile and application data regularly in our system. By giving us your contact data, you accept that the Mühlbauer Group contacts you during the vacancy filling process.


3. Employment

In case of employment, we will ask you for employment-relevant data. The E-Recruiting System will transfer your data to the HR administration systems of the corresponding country. There your data are saved and processed as employee data in our HR administration systems. After transfer, your data are no longer available in the E-Recruiting System.


General information

The Mühlbauer Group's data protection regulations also apply to this usage.

The Mühlbauer Group home page informs you about modifications of the data protection.