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First Step - Your Application

You are interested in a specific vacancy and wish to apply for it now.
Prepare your documents then - We are looking forward to receiving your application.

We wish to facilitate your first step towards the Mühlbauer Group and therefore would like to assist you as well as possible with your application. We are as curios as you are.
That's how it works:

Search and find jobs
Preferably search the right job in our international vacancies. You can apply different criteria to search our vacancies worldwide. If you do not find the right job, send us your speculative application.

Online application
If you have found a job, apply for it directly online. Before starting, prepare your electronic applications documents. You have to send a cover letter and an up-to-date curriculum vitae as well as all relevant certificates / qualifications. Please save your documents electronically.
Your curriculum vitae informs about your professional stations and your apprenticeship and lists all relevant experiences, skills and expertise qualifying you personally and for the position. You can also mention additional activities as well as your desired salary and earliest possible joining date. After having sent your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately.

Reviewing applications
Be patient. You have spent many working hours, time and efforts in preparing your application and we appreciate that. Therefore we also take our time to thoroughly review the applications we receive.
Both, the department concerned and the human resources department, decide whether an applicant is invited to an interview or an assessment center.

We expect our applicants to be interested in our company. Gather information about the Mühlbauer Group, our portfolio and, if possible, about the department where you will have the interview. Here you can use our websites or brochures or ask us directly at one of the fairs we often visit.
Hint: You should have the skills and experiences in mind which qualify you for the position and be able to explain how you meet challenges. Prepare examples from the academic, professional or private/social field. One last hint before you start: An interview often causes stress. Try to minimize stress by arriving in time and by preparing your interview well.

Decision without delay
After successful interview, the members of the department will discuss again. We will make a decision without delay and inform you promptly. If you do not succeed at the first try, we can save your data in our applicant pool. You application will be taken into consideration for future vacancies. We will contact you then.

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