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Charity Projects 2017

This year's donation run is under the motto 

„We are family – help for families!“

Whether it's about individual fates or institutions that support children and their parents: 
Together with the participants and the organization team of the charity run, the foundation wants to help families
who got into financial difficulties through no fault of their own.



Donation receivers 2017:

Verein geistig und körperlich Behinderter Glauchau

Bedürftige Familie aus der Region

Verein Suni

Jugendbildungsstätte Waldmünchen

Realschule Bad Kötzting

Tischtennis ASV Cham

Grundschule Cham

Sportverein Waldmünchen /Geigant

Sportverein Mitterdorf

Sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum Cham

Wasserwacht Bodenwöhr


Skiclub Strahlfeld

Team Forever Nordic

TB 03 Roding Fußball

Kinderklinik Kuno

Grundschule Cham

Kindergarten Bergzwergerl

      10.000 €

10.000 €

5.000 €

2.000 €

2.000 €

1.500 €

1.500 €

1.500 €

1,500 €

1.300 €

1.200 €

1.800 €

1.000 €

1.000 €

800 €

800 €

400 €

200 €


Josef Mühlbauer Foundation

Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1
93426 Roding

Phone:    +49-9461-952-1653
Fax:    +49-9461-952-8520
Email: team@foundation.muehlbauer.de

Donation account:

Deutsche Bank Regensburg
BLZ: 750 700 13
Konto-Nr: 323 608 000
IBAN: DE83 7507 0013 0323 6080 00


2,000 participants in 2017

The supra-regional sports and media event


More than 1.000.000 € donations so far


An integral part of the event calendar of the region and beyond 

Our goal for 2018: 
3,000 walkers & runners for a good cause!