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  • Access to contactless chip of eID and eMRTD documents and similar
  • Available for NFC enabled Android devices
  • Mobile and easy to use, intuitive user interface
  • Simple and secure identification of the card holder
  • Built-in face matching to compare digital image on chip and live photo
  • Document verification against external databases
  • Intuitive visualization of verification results



 Features & Technical data

Visual Verification

  • MRZ recognition
  • MRZ check-digit check


Document Types

  • eID / ID cards
  • ePassports
  • ISO 18013- 3 Driving Licence


Security Protocols

  • Basic Access Control (BAC)
  • Supplemental Access Control (SAC )
  • Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE)
  • Support of Card Access Number (CAN)
  • Passive Authentication (PA)
  • Active Authentication (AA)
  • Extend Access Control (EAC)
  • Chip Authentication (CA)
  • Terminal Authentication (TA)


Chip Access

  • Support for ISO 14443 Interface
  • Usage of MRZ to open the chip
  • Manual Data entry possible
  • Comparison of optical MRZ and MRZ data from chip


  • Android 4.4 or newer
  • NFC enabled Android Device with Camera


Server-based Verification

  • Face Match
    • Picture from background system against live picture
    • Picture from chip against live picture
  • Support of
    • CSCA/DS certificates
    • Black lists
    • White lists
    • Master lists
  • Compliant with following standards
    • ICAO Doc 9303 Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD)
    • ISO/IEC 19785 Common Biometric Exchange Framework Format
    • ISO/IEC 19794-4 Fingerprint image
    • ISO/IEC 19794-5 Facial image


Biometric ID documents like ePassports (eMRTD) and eID cards become standard in international travel. Every year further countries issue their biometric travel documents. The MB Steel Reader Mobile is the solution for verification of eMRTD and other documents with contactless chips (ISO 14443). It allows to verify the document with standard mobile devices. No need for large devices in fixed inspection stations. It allows to verify electronic documents within seconds on touch points instead of carrying huge reading equipment. The user interface is compliant with the 

current standard for mobile applications so the device is very easy to use in the field. Additionally it can also be used to inspect production results of eID and eMRTD documents for quality assurance and production clearance. This allows production management to inspect biometric documents at any time at any place with very low effort. The MB Steel Reader Mobile is available for NFC enabled Android 4.4 (and newer) devices with camera (to read MRZ optically).