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Data Management


Data management ensures the reliable and secure processing and storage of the enrolled data. The Secure Document Management System MB SDM is responsible for this task.

MB SDM (Secure Document Management) is a reliable and efficient data management system. Its ability to handle multiple types of documents as well as arbitrary document application and approval workflows make MB SDM a powerful and flexible tool.

With secure access via web-clients, authorized users can search for persons, applications or documents in the database. Furthermore, MB SDM includes

  • Tools and support for legacy data import
  • Administration client for person, application and document search
  • Approval client for handling conflicting applications
  • Statistics and reporting features
  • Data backup and recovery mechanisms

MB SDM is connected via interfaces to other data sources, such as:

  • Biometric information systems (e.g. AFIS)
  • Legacy citizen registers
  • Enrollment systems
  • Personalization system