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Data enrollment comprises the consistent and complete capturing of the demographic and biometric data of a group of people. It precedes the issuance of a document. At the same time it forms the basis of the central civil register as well as electoral registers.

The enrollment equipment represents the technical front-end of any registration or document issuance solution. To allow for maximum flexibility, Mühlbauer has developed the modular and scalable enrollment platform MB getID, which covers the following main functions:

High-quality facial images are essential for biometric face identification and verification. Moreover, most printing technologies require different properties in terms of resolution, brightness and contrast. Therefore the portrait photos captured during enrollment need to be digitally optimized in order to ensure compliance with international standards. Our MB IMAGE ENHANCEMENT software provides all the necessary features for automated image processing:

  • Rotation adjustment
  • Background removal
  • Image cropping
  • Color & contrast optimization
  • Background refilling
  • Image evaluation

The expandable system architecture allows for fully customized solutions according to individual requirements, for example:

  • Based on a centralized or a decentralized system
  • Enrollment at stationary and/or mobile enrollment units
  • Online and offline working mode supported