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Machines & Equipment


A key-component of our production facility solution is the development and the equipping of the actual production site. In close cooperation with our customer we develop a facility concept, customized to your demand, whether a completely new facility is set up or an existing production is extended.


Production and Personalization Systems „Made in Germany“

Our portfolio comprises more than 100 standard and customized systems for the production and personalization of smart cards and passports. All machines and the equipment are developed, manufactured and tested in-house and fulfil highest industrial production standards. Our claim is to deliver durable hardware, designed to operate 24/7, in order to achieve a maximum of effectivity.

Part of the facility concept is the automation and capacity planning, following your requirements for the production facility. One advantage of our flexible systems is that a wide variety of documents can be produced with a single line, thus ensuring the efficient use of the systems. The modular production and personalization systems moreover can be later on upgraded in order to extend the document portfolio of the client.


Perfect Harmonization

When developing a production facility, the harmonization of the systems is essential to guarantee the smooth production process later on. We are convinced that this is crucial for success. In order to make sure that there are no delays caused by interface problems or missing compatibility, our systems are already perfectly harmonized. Moreover our portfolio comprises all technologies recently on the market to make sure you are not limited in your choice.

Since we are not limited to any technologies, we are at liberty to offer you the solution perfectly tailored to your demand. We focus on finding the ideal solution for you and your requirements.