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Mühlbauer Die Sorting

Setting the benchmark in WLCSP flip chip die sorting.


Mühlbauer's Die Sorting systems are world leading in terms of quality, precision, speed and flexibility. The roots in the semiconductor backend area go back to 1986 where Mühlbauer started to develop die bonding technology and where the first vision inspection tools were established.

Today, Mühlbauer offers the complete turnkey solution for both, Die Sorting and Carrier Tape. Our customers profit from the perfectly matching components as well as the highly flexible carrier tape supply process.

Click here for more information on Mühlbauer's Carrier Tape Solution



Discover our huge portfolio:


Tape and reel systems

With up to 20,000 respectively 30,000 UPH and no compromise on quality, the DS 20000 and DS Merlin systems assure the best COO values to our customers.

Explore our brand new functionalities like the O/S Test, integrated in the DS Falcon model or discover a new, particularly gentle die handling method at the so called DS Laser.

Automatic Reel Changer is an optional complementary module for Die Sorting Machines. Enables automated productivity with low reel-change-time.


Maximum flexibility with the VARIATION Series

The VARIATION series was built to combine a wide range of different sorting configurations:

  • Tape and Reel
  • Waffle Pack / Gel Pack
  • Jedec Tray
  • Reconstructed Wafer up to 12 inch
  • Wafer to Wafer