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Mühlbauer Vision Inspection

Inspection tools for highest quality control in chip production



The quality standards of the semiconductor industry require a high precision and 100 percent inspection in a fast running process. Especially the backend processes in the WLCSP production are more and more subject to the zero defect policy. Mühlbauer offers a wide range of vision inspection features to deliver highest quality output.



New: Mühlbauer SIDEWALL Inspection


Mühlbauer is pleased to announce the launch of a worldwide unique visual inspection feature called SIDEWALL inspection. Thereby all four side walls of a chip are inspected leading to an unprecedented degree in daily net output. The new side wall inspection is available for Mühlbauer’s die sorting systems DS 15000 and DS 20000 as well as DS Variation. Defects down to 10µm can be recognized. Field upgrades for existing DS 15000 systems can be quoted upon request as well.




Wafer Inspection

(Die topside inspection)

  • Wafer alignment
  • Die Verification
  • Die Front side Inspection
  • Saw line inspection



Die-on-Fly Inspection

  • Die Verification
  • Die Inspection



Pre-Place Inspection

(Pocket position)

  • Place inspection (before Die Placement)
  • Die in Pocket Verification
  • Die Backside Inspection



Post-Place Inspection

(Die backside inspection)

  • Place Inspection (before die placement)
  • Die in Pocket Verification
  • Die Backside Inspection



After Sealing Inspection

  • Cover Tape position (transport holes)
  • Empty pocket check
  • Die Orientation
  • Die Inspection