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RFID Chip Encoding and Print Personalization

The Mühlbauer chip encoding and print personalization solutions offer the ability to electronically encode data from each tag’s RFID chip at high production speed. This encoded data is linked to a data base containing all pertinent information on the product.

Mühlbauer’s inherently modular solutions also allows for advanced encoding features such as password lock, perma lock and more.

After the RFID chip has been successfully encoded, a high-speed digital print system prints the corresponding information on the face of the label in mono chrome or full colour. Its Variable-Data Printing (VDP) capability coupled with our encoding solution guarantees that every label is fully personalized, both visually and electronically.

Every label will be tested for RF functionality and/or visual defects and/or data match. Depending on the customer’s requirements, bad labels can either be visually marked or completely removed from the roll.

With the reel to reel system and the connection to the database, an accurate data match from the graphical and digital information on the chip can be guaranteed. This controlled environment therefore prevents mismatches that happen when tickets or labels are loaded manually.


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MCES: Personalization Management Software

MB MCES - a software solution for smart card, ticket and label personalization tasks.